Imara Jones at Pride Live’s Stonewall Day event with Adam Lambert

Happy Pride Month! Our very own Imara Jones graced the stage at Pride Live & OutLoud: Raising Voices’ Stonewall Day event on June 6, 2021 — a livestream event on Twitch benefiting TransLash and Angelica Ross’ TransTech Social Enterprises. Whoopi Goldberg graciously opened the floor for Imara to speak her inspiring truth with her introduction, and this is what she had to say: 

Transcript: [Imara Jones] Hello, everyone. Thanks to all of you all for being here. I don’t know how you all feel, but I am amazed to be with a group of people without a mask and together and alive and able to be here together and to celebrate. So, let’s make sure that we do that today as well. And of course, thanks to Whoopi Goldberg for an incredible introduction for me and my organization. 

I’m so excited to be with all of you all today, on Stonewall day, because this day is essential. It reminds us that Black and Brown trans women like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera started the fight for modern LGBTQI liberation. Those women started a revolution, but too many in our community were left out and left behind – and that’s why I started TransLash.

Because, these stories, our stories, must be told; especially right now when lawmakers in over 30 states are trying to erase us, and at a time when we continue to face epic amounts of violence, especially amongst Black trans women. So, this year we have to let our pride shine into every part of the rainbow as we fight for the acceptance of every LGBTQIA person. And that’s what TransLash does every single day. And it’s why we’re so grateful to you for supporting our work…to tell trans stories to save trans lives. And of course, it’s why we’re so excited to introduce the person who is performing in our honor. She made history as the first trans contestant to compete on “The Voice,” and now she makes music that moves our hearts. Please welcome Angel Bonilla. 

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