Trans-Owned Business Holiday Shopping Directory

Artist: Wriply M. Bennet (IG: @wriply)

Missing a few presents? Want to help make a difference? You’ve come to the right place! Team TransLash made a list of trans-owned businesses to support this holiday season. From makeup to clothes to visual art, we’ve got you covered. These businesses are all available online, and some also have physical locations (though they may be closed due to COVID). Make sure to check back frequently for the updates and added businesses! Happy holidays, fam!

Armani Dae’s Art Shop

Armani Dae is a transgender Jamaican-American artist, photographer, and actor. His work and store consists of photography prints, one-of-a-kind paintings, published books and apparel. The paintings also have payment plans available making them accessible to every buyer. Visit the website here.

Art Twink

For Art Twink, art is for creating community and safety in a world that offers very little of either. They carry on the tradition of telling stories that inspire, validate, and comfort people and creatures in hard times as a trans artist of color. You can look through their art and shop prints, stickers, and more here.

Automic Gold

“Radically wearable jewelry for everyone”.  With founder Al Sandimirova at the helm, Automic Gold aims to design jewelry that is both size inclusive and catered towards a diverse clientele. All pieces are made from reclaimed gold, and shipped in a packaging that is recyclable, making this a company that not only preaches about community, but truly embodies that philosophy. Shop their site here.

BatMe! Cosmetics

Launched in 2017, BatMe! Cosmetics sets out to celebrate queer individuality and culture. Founded by TV personality Jayla Roxx, this is the first African-American transgender woman to open a makeup company. They are an affordable, vegan-based, gluten & cruelty-free brand that embraces every gender, race, religion, etc. in high hopes to build an ever growing community. Shop the store here.

Bye Gender

Owner Devin-Norelle, leads the company as it aims to cover everyday expenses for trans people. Formerly known as the Werk Those Pecs Fund, the Bye Gender Trans Survival Fund relies heavily on the proceeds from their clothing line. Over the years, the fund has provided 25 applicants with incredible access to life changing resources. With the increased popularity of their clothing, they hope to broaden their impact in the coming year. Shop the clothes and help make a difference here.


Italian for “no sex/no gender,” No Sesso is a Los Angeles fashion house founded by Pierre Davis in 2015. A community powered brand that focuses on empowering people of all colors, shapes, and identities, No Sesso has stolen the spotlight with collections that feature a wide range of prints, fabrics, reconstructed materials, and most notably, their signature hand embroidery. Featured on i-d, The New York Times, Cultured, WWD, Vogue Runway FW20, Vogue Runway Spring Season 2020. Shop the clothes here.


Founder Madin Ray Lopez began doing hair in high school. Their mission is to use hair and self-empowerment as a form of social justice while also providing free gender-affirming haircuts, self empowering workshops, food & hygiene boxes, gender affirming clothing, chest binders, menstrual products, and so much more to LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness. Their online shop consists of hair products, as well as pins and clothing. Support ProjectQ by buying their hair products and merch here.

Shire Suds

Owner Dallas has sensitive skin and spent years trying to find a body wash or soap that wouldn’t make their skin itch or flake, so eventually they just made their own. This soap has been tested on people with psoriasis, excema, and acne to ensure the safest, gentlest clean possible. They are also developing beard oils, face oils, and skin treatments which you can support the process for while you wait to use it by buying from their shop here.

Shop Jamie Freya

Jamie Freya is a trans-femme author, entrepreneur, creative director, and founder of the Shop. Jamie Freya soap company. Her soaps are made with organic ingredients, and are vegan and eco-friendly, making them safe for us and for our planet. Her company started earlier this year in March and has an array of scents to choose from. Shop the store here.

We Live In Truth!

We Live in Truth (We L.I.T.) is a Black, trans, non-binary-led candle company founded in 2019. The brand focuses on the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of their community and promotes the healing properties of candles and has a wide array of scents that range from flowery to fruity and more. Support this one-person candle company here.

Wolf Medicine Magic

Regina has devoted their energy and practice towards spiritual practice since 2009, and in such time has refined their ability to share tools to make use of the pain and discomfort in your life and finding the lessons in them through yoga, breathwork, and the practice of ayurveda, all of which can be gifted as private sessions over Zoom. You can book a session here.

Chella Man

Chella Man has spent his career as an artist, author, actor, and speaker championing the motto of “Being your own representation” through each medium, helping spread awareness on queer rights, deaf-culture, disability awareness, and more. You can support his works and outreach through buying prints, hand-painted shirts, and if you buy his book a copy will be donated to LGBTQ+/Disabled youth in America. Shop the store here.


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Florida's meeting to medically detransition transgender teenagers has been CANCELLED due to the hurricane.

This meeting was going to go ...over the policy proposal to ban trans teens from puberty blockers, force detransition them, and possibly even ban social transition.


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