TransLash ‘Lives At Stake’ Playlist: 2019 – 2020

Enjoy some of our favorite #LivesAtStake interview moments during TransLash founder Imara Jones’ residency with WNYC The Greene Space, and don’t forget to connect with us to see what we do next!

Read some of our past Lives At Stake guests’ quotes & follow them on social media:

“Moving beyond the gender binary is not about erasing your right to be a man or a woman, rather, it’s about saying that man and woman are two of infinite options.”

– Alok Vaid-Menon, Writer, Artist, Activist | Website Instagram Twitter 

“If you just see another trans person doing something that you didn’t know was possible for you, it unlocks potential for you.”

– Samantha Allen, GLAAD Award-winning Journalist | Website Twitter

“And it really does make a big difference for trans people to be in the room when these policies are being discussed.”

– Katelyn Burns, Journalist | Instagram Twitter

“You know, one of the things that I think that folks don’t recognize about trans folks is that we have a true asset, having lived multiple lived experiences.”

– Phillipe Cunningham, Minneapolis City Council | Website Instagram Twitter

We all have this assumption that we know what a trans person would look like. But honestly, we don’t. I don’t look like you, you don’t look like me, and I obviously don’t look like any other trans person.

– Devin Norelle, Founder, Bye Gender Trans Survival Fund | Instagram Twitter

“There are times when you’re too trans and times when you’re not trans enough. But for me personally, I’ll just say that I don’t run away from the fact that I’m trans.”

– Elisa Crespo, Candidate, New York City Council | Website Instagram Twitter 

“I’m just always thinking about community when, especially when there’s a systemic shift of some sort ’cause you know our community’s the last to be sought out for, the last to be looked after.”

– Indya Moore, Actor (POSE), Writer, Director, Activist | Instagram Twitter

“My favorite quote from Marsha is, ‘I might be crazy, but that don’t make me wrong.’ And I think a world that’s consistently telling Black trans people that we’re wrong about everything, that we’re wrong for wanting more for ourselves, that we’re wrong for wanting more for our communities. That is a relatable thing that we wish we had the freedom to just exist in like Marsha did.”

– Elle Hearns, Founder and Executive Director of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute | Website Instagram Twitter

“As far as my trans community, or anyone who falls under the umbrella of trans, I want them to feel hope. I want them to feel purpose. I want them to feel royal and being invited into that moment.”

– Mojo Disco, Artist | Website Instagram Twitter

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For TransLash transcripts, our podcast episodes can be found here, and other Lives At Stake events can be found here.

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