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We tell trans stories to save trans lives.

American Problems, Trans Solutions Trailer

Join award-winning journalist Imara Jones as she travels across the country to tell the stories of three Black trans leaders on the frontlines of change.

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Our Legislation Dashboard

Trans Legislation Tracker monitors anti-trans bills making their way through the American legislative bodies so that our community can stay informed.

# of Bills by Type

Bill Type Count
Bathroom 28
Sports 61
Healthcare 157
Education 193
Other 182

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Community-sourced publications of uncensored art, writing, and photography

Volume 6

The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

Day by day, the attacks on trans kids grow louder, and more anti-trans bills keep moving through state legislatures. We illuminate how the right wing has fueled these bills by generating a breathtaking and wide-ranging disinformation campaign.



Trans Bodies, Trans Choices

Bodily autonomy is essential for trans people. Against the backdrop of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, we launched this storytelling initiative to center the importance of reproductive justice for transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people. Tune in and listen to the voices of TGNC people as they share their personal stake in issues like access to fertility and other reproductive services, medical care, body image, abortion, and more.

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TransLash Media is an independent news organization that tells trans stories to save trans lives.

Our work flows from a deep commitment to the trans community. We speak boldly, think critically, and share the truth about trans lives in all their glory, beauty, and complexity.


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