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TransLash is a four-episode program that focuses on what it's like to be Trans, especially a Trans person of color,  at a time of social backlash. The Episode 3 Facebook Watch Party took place on April 12 with filmmakers answering viewer questions. Access the archived episode now and join the conversation.

This pioneering docuseries follows the transition story of journalist and host Imara Jones, as well as that of the larger Trans community in the Age of Trump.

The series takes viewers on a journey to explore “why have Trans individuals opted to transition genders or increase their visibility in a risky social climate?" Each episode explores Imara’s own truth, talks to other trans people about theirs, and interviews leaders from national Trans organizations to answer why. TransLash contemplates civil rights in America through the prism of the Trans community. Our core belief is that telling Trans stories can save Trans lives. Learn more.


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