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“ discuss the ways in which the Buffalo shooter’s belief in replacement theory connects attacks trans rights, reproductive justice and voting rights into a dangerous vision for all of us."


“At least 35 states are considering bills that target transgender youth, according to the bipartisan Freedom For All Americans campaign."

PBS NewsHour

"The blowback to Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special, produced by Netflix, has reached a boiling point. Netflix employees walked off the job Wednesday, demanding..."

The 1A

“2021 was a record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation. More than 290 bills targeting the L-G-B-T-Q plus community were introduced in state legislatures. 25 of those were enacted."


“I lead with the ability to follow my instinct for what I think is not being spoken about, revealed, heard, hidden."


““It's my belief that ignorance against trans people — literally 9 out of 10 people say that they don't know someone who’s trans — is fertile ground for people who wish to do us harm,” she says..."


“A historic figure I think about often is Mary Jones who was a Black trans woman in 1830s New York City. Hers is one of the earliest known examples of trans people in US history."


““...and if they need, as we believe, to have an expansive understanding of the diversity within the Black community, then we need to include Black trans people in our kids’ understanding,” says activist Imara Jones."

Washington Post

“Imara Jones, founder and chief executive of TransLash Media, describes it as a “weaving together” of different gender identities: “This is just how they experience gender."

Gay City News

“TransLash Media, a non-profit organization, is teaming up with the National LGBTQ Task Force on a three-part film series to bring visibility to transgender and non-binary individuals in..."

Teen Vogue

“While states across the country consider bills that would erode the rights of transgender youth, these targeted bills aren't the only legislation threatening trans people's freedoms..."

Pink News UK

“I am also proud to support TransTech Social Enterprises and TransLash Media, two organisations doing such important work for the community,” she added..."


“The survey reflects Americans' "mixed views" on trans issues, Gallup says. The numbers didn't surprise Imara Jones, a journalist who is the creator of TransLash Media..."


“A newly released 42-page holiday survival guide from TransLash Media, which produces a podcast chronicling the lives of trans and non-binary people..."


“Trans people are not new. We have always been here. As long as there’s been recorded human history, we have always existed. But we have been written out of the human story..."


"Trans people telling our own stories will save our lives," says Imara Jones. The activist and journalist whose work has won Emmy and Peabody Awards is the creator of TransLash...


“Being a Black network at this point means they have a heightened responsibility to Black trans people,” said Imara Jones, author of the open letter...


Imara Jones, an independent journalist and founder of TransLash media, told NPR's All Things Considered, that this moment has been "a crucible"...

Gay Times

Imara Jones, trans activist and creator of TransLash – an organisation devoted to amplifying trans voices – also said: “Oftentimes people can see at Pride the police presence...

Teen Vogue

Imara Jones, creator and producer of TransLash Media, is taking that one step further with her short documentary The Future of Trans. In the film, she speaks to transgender people about how...

Democracy Now!

For more, we’re going to Imara Jones, who was there on the stage, creator of TransLash, at the Brooklyn protest. Can you talk about the significance of what is taking place right now...


TransLash founder and Open Society Foundations fellow Imara Jones and Columbia Law professor Kimberle Crenshaw, creator of the term “intersectionality,”...

The New York TImes a recent interview with Imara Jones, who discussed making the current Black Lives Matter movement truly inclusive to black trans women like herself...

The Brian Lehrer Show

Imara Jones, creator of Translash Media, Soros Equality fellow and journalist-in-Residence at The Greene Space, and TS Candii, an organizer with DecrimNY...

Openly News

"Oftentimes people can see at Pride the police presence as being inflammatory," said Imara Jones, a trans woman based in New York City and the creator of TransLash...

PBS NewsHour

Activists are demanding those stories be centered in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. NewsHour Weekend's Ivette Feliciano spoke with Imara Jones...

Look To The Stars

“Our 2020 honorees reflect our most diverse group of honorees ever, representing women of color and the LGBTQI community, as well as leaders in the for-profit...

New York Public Radio

Emmy and Peabody Award-Winning Journalist to Convene “LIVES AT STAKE” A Live Event Series on Trans Issues and Rights, Series Debuts on Tuesday, March 31...

ELLE Magazine

As the creator of TransLash, a docu-series about the lives of trans people of color, Imara aims to connect those stories to what is happening...

Minnesota State University Reporter

Imara Jones, who proudly identifies as a black trans woman, is an award winning journalist, social justice activist, and creator of the docuseries “Translash”...


Imara Jones is both pessimistic and hopeful. The Emmy and Peabody-winning journalist and activist created TransLash, a docuseries and media platform...


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