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About Us

TransLash Media is an independent news organization that tells trans stories to save trans lives.


We’re here to create a future that centers the humanity of transgender people.

This is a future where our safety is assured, our rights are protected, and our humanity is affirmed. Our vision is far from inevitable, but we know that it’s possible. And we believe that telling our stories is an essential part of creating the future we need.


TransLash Media shares the authentic experiences of trans and gender-nonconforming people through journalism and nonfiction storytelling.

As an independent news organization, we push back on harmful narratives by centering the joy and dignity of the trans community. When we tell stories, we help people expand and deepen their understanding of each other—and that impacts everything from state policy to legal rights. As anti-trans violence spreads through American culture and beyond, we tell trans stories to combat disinformation and protect democracy. We tell trans stories to build a world where trans people can live safely and fully. We tell trans stories to save trans lives.

TransLash began with the work of our founder and CEO Imara Jones, a Black trans journalist. She responded to the unprecedented backlash against the trans community during the Trump administration by traveling across the country, sharing her story and those of others as an antidote to ignorance and cultural erasure. Imara’s focus on the power of personal narrative, as well as her resulting three-part TransLash docuseries, struck a collective chord and created the framework for TransLash Media.

Today, fueled by a team of journalists and media makers, TransLash is a multi-platform, award-winning organization with deep credibility and impact in the trans community and beyond.

TransLash has grown into a bold, wide-ranging producer of media that centers the lives and stories of TGNC people, adding critical nuance and depth to the issues that shape national headlines. We’ve created award-winning podcasts, critically acclaimed films, community-sourced zines, and a growing library of personal essays and journalism by TGNC contributors. We document, create, and influence trans culture for TGNC people and those who love them. We investigate and share the bold stories that others can’t—or won’t—in order to present trans lives in their fullness and complexity. Our work sparks new conversations, builds community, and supports an expanding network of allies. Together, we’re imagining new futures for trans people—and bringing those futures to life.

Our Core Principles

Stories with Purpose

We tell vital trans stories that share a powerful vision for a future in which we all thrive-and illuminate the forces that threaten this future.

Bold and Independent

We honor our commitment to the TGNC community and those who love them by telling trans stories with courage and integrity.

Centering Humanity

We dig deep, think critically, and share the truth about trans lives in all their glory, beauty, and complexity.

Radical Standards

We honor the diversity and dignity of TGNC people in every aspect of our work, from journalistic excellence to accessibility to organizational policies.

What folks are saying about us

“TransLash Media thoughtfully approaches stories about trans people through the lens of journalism and personal narrative.”


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“TransLash Media educates folks about the trans community and ultimately saves many disenfranchised lives through the innate power of storytelling.”


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When we share the powerful truth about our trans community, people listen. We’ve earned awards for our media, our people, and our organization. We’re grateful, proud, and excited for the great things to come!

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Our Team

TransLash is headquartered in the United States, and we operate from coast to coast.

Our team represents a wide range of perspectives, identities, and geographies. Reflecting our foundational commitment to accessibility, we welcome and celebrate the diversity of abilities and neurodivergence that our team members experience.

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