Agender Pride: 10 Agender-Affirming Authors, Companies, and Artists to Follow

As first reported by them., “agender” refers to people who don’t identify themselves with any particular gender. This can mean being genderless, lacking gender, or having a null gender. However, people also use “agender” to mean identifying as gender-neutral or having an undefinable gender.

The first documented use of the word “agender” was on the Internet––born in 2000, on an Internet forum called UseNet. In a chat room discussion entitled alt.messianic, a user posted the following: “God is amorphous, agender, […] so image can’t be a physical or gender or sexual thing.”

In celebration of Agender Pride Day, here are some people and companies celebrating and embracing their identities, just as they are.

Honey Rose

@thathoneywitch on TikTok, Honey creates thoughtful content about being agender, tarot reading, and ancestor veneration. TikTok | Instagram | Twitter

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is an agender, two-spirit, pansexual singer and rapper from Detroit, Michigan. Since 2009, Haze has released four mixtapes, three EPs, and two studio albums. “I don’t consider myself of any sex. I consider myself an experience.” Website | Instagram | Twitter


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Anjimile uses their craft to reach through the dimensions of the universe and communicate with their ancestors. Their debut album Giver Taker which released in 2020 was recorded during their journey through sobriety full of motifs of what it means to make your own spirituality, and their experience doing so when accepting themselves fully. Website | Instagram |Twitter 

Chase Johnsey

Chase Johnsey broke down the barriers of binary within the ballet world when they became the first genderfluid person to dance “female” roles in a traditional ballet company in the English National Ballet’s rendition of Sleeping Beauty in 2018. They now work towards making space for more nuanced gender expression in dance as the artistic director of Ballet de Barcelona. Instagram | Twitter

CN Lester

CN Lester is a London-based writer, musician, academic, and activist. They co-founded the UK’s first national queer youth organization (Queer Youth Network), and work internationally as a trans and feminist educator and speaker, as well as musician. Their book Trans Like Me: Conversations for All of Us, “…shows us how to strive for authenticity in a world which often seeks to limit us by way of labels” as said by its publisher, Virago. Website | Instagram | Twitter

Gender Free World 

Gender Free World is a clothing brand for humans. That’s it. They are a UK-based fashion company founded in 2015 with no genders incorporated into the cuts and seams of their clothes, they are simply meant for anyone who wants to wear them. Be sure to check out their website to see what’s new in the gender free fashion world! Website | Instagram | Twitter

NiK Kacy Footwear

NiK Kacy, who identifies as gender-fluid, queer and transmasculine, began to design gender-neutral shoes to bridge the gaps in the fashion industry. There’s so much to appreciate about Kacy’s philosophy as a creator, “fashion is about style, and style is not limited by gender or gender expression.” You can see what they mean by that in their first collection, “Fortune” and in the collections to come.  Website | Instagram | Twitter

Noto Botanicals

This Los-Angeles based skincare company prides their product appearance on its similarity to their business motto: inclusive, uncomplicated, and conscious. Their glass-packaged line of scrubs, moisturizers, oils, and cosmetics is all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. NOVO even commits themselves to donating portions of their sales of their Agender Oil (made with organic hemp seed oil, vetiver, and lavender) to organizations that support those in need, the arts, and equality. Website/Store | Instagram 

@just.some.agender.memes on Instagram

Run by friends Jasper, Sammy, Alex, and Eden, @just.some.agender.memes is a tea room with open dm’s, as a safe space for likeminded agender folks to have a laugh, and make a friend. Instagram

r/Agender on Reddit

This community describes itself as a “subreddit for agender, genderless and neutrois people.” It is made up on 14,466 friends who share memes, pictures of themselves to receive praise, ask questions about their experiences, and even more. This is a great place to find a community that cares for you! Reddit

Robyn Beecroft

Robyn Beecroft describes themselves as “a Morris dancing mum of two who lives in the glorious countryside of the Fens” as well as a writer of “cozy mysteries.” Their series, Murder of a Strawman and Murder of a Working Ghost are led by an asexual sleuth named Haley, and are perfect for lovers of small town mysteries set in England. Read the first chapter of those books by clicking on their names, and read more about their juicy plots on Robyn’s website. Instagram | Twitter


Shamir’s twitter bio seemed to do a pretty good job of describing just what they’re up to: musician, actor, comedian, singer, rapper, producer, chef, writer, filmmaker, skinny fat ass. To be more specific about a recent work – they just released a streetwear capsule collection called ‘Bipolar Butterfly’ inspired by their Bipolar diagnosis with Urbancoolx. A portion of the proceeds goes to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a favorite organization of theirs to support. Instagram | Twitter 

Umber Ghauri

Umber Ghauri is sometimes a “lil insecure,” according to the caption for the picture above on their Instagram account – though the reason is unclear, given the talent and success of their life so far. They are a makeup artist, writer, model and public speaker, with a passion for celebrating and working with marginalized communities and a wide range of clients: from Alok Vaid-Menon to British Vogue and everywhere in between. Website | Instagram | Twitter

Vicky Franco

Vicky is an Italian makeup influencer who’s looks range from colorless to every color on the rainbow. The variety and ambiguity of design and art is reflective of their identity, and stuns their followers as well as walking Fashion Week runways. You can see pictures of looks and video tutorials on both Instagram and TikTok.

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