Bodily Autonomy is on the Ballot for 2022

“Right-wing candidates continue to campaign on disrupting gender affirming healthcare for youth, which could have grave consequences for all peoples’ access to healthcare.

In short: bodily autonomy is on the ballot in 2022.”

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a person looks into a small ahnd mirror while brushing blush across their cheek. the background is white.

Ditching My Beard For Halloween

“I was a closeted trans girl doing what I could to hide that fact from everyone, including myself. Since leaving high school, I had curated a personality to throw anyone off the scent of me being queer. These were my beards.”

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Family, Boundaries, Grief, & Love

“The thing they don’t tell you about setting boundaries is that it’s going to cost you something. You gain a lot, but it doesn’t mean setting a boundary and sticking to it is always going to feel good. I know now that setting those boundaries with my family led me to grief. “

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