Alex wears a soft pink top and bottom while sitting on a chair in front of a microphone. their hair is brown, curly, and clipped back with a pink barrett. The stage they are sitting on is black except for a purple light shining down on them.

In the Key of Dysphoric

Mine is not the most conventional journey for a musician to have, but I’m glad I took it because I’m more comfortable with not just my voice, but myself.

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Two trans people lovingly resting their faces against each others. The fair skinned person on the left wears a white t-shirt and has short ombre blonde and red hair. The fair-skiiner person on the right has long brown hair and wears a black t-shirt.

T4T Magic

“Our relationship has more room to breathe and grow because the focus isn’t on being trans, but on being ourselves together.”

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Florida's meeting to medically detransition transgender teenagers has been CANCELLED due to the hurricane.

This meeting was going to go ...over the policy proposal to ban trans teens from puberty blockers, force detransition them, and possibly even ban social transition.


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