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Black Straight Men and Black Trans Women

October 6, 2019 55:55

TransLash’s Lives At Stake: A Conversation Between Black Straight Men & Black Trans Women’ was a livestream interactive discussion that took place on the TransLash Facebook page on October 4, 2019.

Why are some Black cisgender straight men openly hostile to Black trans women? TransLash hosts this timely & necessary conversation. The animosity and angst that many Black, cisgender heterosexual men have can ultimately end in violence against Black trans women. In fact, violence against Black trans women remains at historic highs with at least 20 deaths of Black Trans women since the beginning of the year.

TransLash founder Imara Jones, activist Nala Simone, Randolph Davidson, and Justin Freeman have an honest conversation with the end goal of creating more understand and empathy between Black Straight Men & Black Trans Women.

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