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Episode 5

The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

Capturing The New York Times

September 7, 2023 01:50

Disinformers ultimately want their narratives to filter into trusted sources where they can almost imperceptibly begin to shift public opinion. In this episode, Imara dives into how Christian Nationalists have successfully made The New York Times—arguably the world’s most powerful news organization—into an agent of their views. The fact that they have done so is a degree of success beyond what they could have hoped. And the way that anti-trans ideas have embedded themselves at the paper has wide ranging impacts on trans people as well American democracy overall. Join us as we learned how this happened through the voices and stories of former and current New York Times staff.

The Anti-Trans Hate Machine Animated Series explains in easy to access videos how anti-trans pseudoscience and disinformation has become widely accepted as fact. From conversion therapy, to rapid onset gender dysphoria, to “watchful waiting,” a vast network of Christian Nationalist organizations and bad-actors have used both rightwing and mainstream media to change the way an entire nation thinks about the validity of trans people.

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