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Episode 2

Artistic Legacies: Black Trans Femmes in the Arts

Iman’s Story: Artistic Legacies

June 21, 2023 06:24

Artist and performer Iman Hill centers community in her powerful story of growth which starts in Atlanta, Georgia and leads to stages in New York City. As she became herself, Iman’s artistry flourished and changed. Along the way she found powerful connections in those around, whose love and support sustain her while she ponders what’s next.

Artistic Legacies explores the power of the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts (BTFA) collective, through the stories of Founder Jordyn Jay, musician and songwriter Iman Hill, and ballroom legend Kimiyah Prescott. This three-part docuseries shows how these members use artistic expression to change themselves and the world around them, bringing hope to the most of the marginalized at a time of unprecedented violence and political attack. Artistic Legacies points to how we can create brighter futures by using what’s already inside each of us. The 200-strong BTFA demonstrates how to manifest these possibilities.

About Iman: Atlanta born and raised, Iman Hill aka hip hop’s “Mona Lisa” (ref: If Mona Lisa Could Talk) is a trailblazing musician, fashion model, advocate, and photographer/ videographer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. A force unlike none other, her works of various creative mediums have been published in Vogue, Nylon, Paper, Office Mag, I-D and more; the world is truly her oyster. In her works of activism and advocacy, she is a community organizer/dot connector for the black trans community.

Additionally, with efforts to immortalize the beauty that resides within her community presently Iman has recently created the brand entitled “Kunt Kollections : The Kunt News Network” (@KuntKollections on IG) — a series of original photos and videos capturing authentic expressions of the house ballroom scene with a focus on chosen family.

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