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Episode 3

Artistic Legacies: Black Trans Femmes in the Arts

Kimiyah’s Story: Artistic Legacies

June 21, 2023 04:42

Ballroom legend Kimiyah Prescott opens up about how she grew from the rigid and repressive rules of an extremely religious household to find freedom through expression in the ballroom community. As Kimiyah prepares for an upcoming performance, she tells us what liberation feels like. And how once she experienced it, she never looked back.

Artistic Legacies explores the power of the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts (BTFA) collective, through the stories of Founder Jordyn Jay, musician and songwriter Iman Hill, and ballroom legend Kimiyah Prescott. This three-part docuseries shows how these members use artistic expression to change themselves and the world around them, bringing hope to the most of the marginalized at a time of unprecedented violence and political attack. Artistic Legacies points to how we can create brighter futures by using what’s already inside each of us. The 200-strong BTFA demonstrates how to manifest these possibilities.

About Kimiyah: Kimiyah Balenciaga was born in Brooklyn, New York. She has traveled and won state to state and country to country making the people know it around the world. Her accolades include Star of The Year and FemQueen Performance of The Year within ballroom, she also has been hand selected to vogue for pristine brands such as Coach, MAC, Nicopanda, and Barefoot Wines just to name a few, not only that but she also starred on the 3rd season hit show “Legendary” on HBOMaX with her kiki house The Iconic Kiki House of Juicy Couture in which they won. When voguing she embodies attitude, swag, and sexiness along with rhythm, and amazing movements this is when her alter ego “Kimyoncé” appears better known as “The Beyoncé of Vogue ” which is her biggest inspiration and performance influence. Her goal is to become a successful dancer that travels around the world voguing and dancing in hopes of making it on the big stage and continue to break barriers not only for Woman of Trans experience also but for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

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