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Coming Soon: Season 2 of The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

Episode Description

Day by day, the attacks on trans kids grow louder, and more anti-trans bills keep moving through state legislatures. In this season of The Anti-Trans Hate Machine, Imara Jones illuminates how the right wing has fueled these bills by generating a breathtaking and wide-ranging disinformation campaign. Christian Nationalists are manufacturing pseudoscientific theories and using the entire anti-trans hate machine to pipe them out into the mainstream to create a rationale for these bills. And it’s catching on. We will show you how their anti-trans propaganda is working and ultimately being laundered by some of the most powerful newsrooms in the world. Season 2 of The Anti-Trans Hate Machine premiers March 31st.

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The Mess: Imara's Guide to Our Political Hellscape

With political attacks on trans communities and ever-creeping authoritarianism at an all-time high, staying informed and engaged are key. Imara’s razor sharp wit and critical analysis takes the edge off and reminds us that there’s always hope.

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