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TransLash Presents: A Voice for Anti-Trans, Mass Media

Episode Description

Various parts of the right wing disinformation machine effectively work in tandem to elevate junk science and platform people spreading anti-trans hate. In this episode, Imara takes a deep dive into the inner workings of this world by following the rise of Abigail Shrier, a woman who rose quickly from obscurity to become a so-called expert spreading the myth of social contagion. We’ll explore how she packaged these concepts in ways that was ready made for Christian Nationalist media, especially Fox News. And how they were accompanied by a mainstream appeal that’s had a devastating impact on parents and kids.

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The Mess: Imara's Guide to Our Political Hellscape

With political attacks on trans communities and ever-creeping authoritarianism at an all-time high, staying informed and engaged are key. Imara’s razor sharp wit and critical analysis takes the edge off and reminds us that there’s always hope.

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The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

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