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The Mess Episode 8

Tennessee’s Crackdown on Trans Youth

Episode Description

Trump is a convicted felon, but his experience in the legal system wasn’t exactly typical. This week on The Mess, Imara contrasts Trump’s cushy courthouse experience with the harsh realities of trans people within the carceral system. Next up, an insidious new line of attack on trans kids in Tennessee. Imara unpacks a law there designed to stop people from helping youth access gender affirming healthcare, even in other states. But it’s not all doom and gloom. A new law in Minnesota raises hope in the fight against anti-LGBTQ book bans.

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The Mess: Imara's Guide to Our Political Hellscape

With political attacks on trans communities and ever-creeping authoritarianism at an all-time high, staying informed and engaged are key. Imara’s razor sharp wit and critical analysis takes the edge off and reminds us that there’s always hope.

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