Resources For Trans People On The Spectrum

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Team TransLash celebrates that neurodivergence is something we can smile about. It’s a part of what makes this world a better and more beautiful place. On April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day, we’re sharing love for all of our TGNC siblings on the spectrum. This day also kicks off a month-long campaign toward greater acceptance and appreciation of neurodiversity. 

People who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are three to six more times as likely to be neurodivergent as cisgender people, according to the largest study yet to examine the connection.

Team TransLash is in solidarity with all people who decry the organization Autism Speaks. Here’s why.

This compendium of resources is for folks who are still learning about neurodivergence, and for people who are on the spectrum. Diagnosed or not, you are valid––and we celebrate you today and every day!

General Overviews

The word neurodiversity‘ was created as a term to describe a movement towards neurological diversity being accepted and respected in society. Neurodivergence includes those who live with Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia and other neurological realities.

“On the spectrum” usually refers to the specific set of behavioral and developmental realities associated with autism spectrum disorder. A diagnosis of ASD means that a person’s communication, social, and play skills are affected in ways that aren’t coded as neurotypical

Medical Resources

Personal Experience Essays, Advice and Articles

Scientific Studies

Trans and Queer People on the Spectrum to Follow

More Resources

  • Apply for financial aid through the Autistic People of Color Fund
  • Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with a mission to provide community, support and resources for Autistic women, girls, transfeminine and transmasculine nonbinary and genderqueer people, trans people of all genders, Two Spirit people, and all others of marginalized genders. Go to their website for more information on their scholarship, their community support, and more.

Submit any useful trans/non-binary/intersex/two-spirit Autism Awareness Day resource links that we may have missed here.

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