Family, Boundaries, Grief, & Love

“The thing they don’t tell you about setting boundaries is that it’s going to cost you something. You gain a lot, but it doesn’t mean setting a boundary and sticking to it is always going to feel good. I know now that setting those boundaries with my family led me to grief. “

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Alex wears a soft pink top and bottom while sitting on a chair in front of a microphone. their hair is brown, curly, and clipped back with a pink barrett. The stage they are sitting on is black except for a purple light shining down on them.

In the Key of Dysphoric

Mine is not the most conventional journey for a musician to have, but I’m glad I took it because I’m more comfortable with not just my voice, but myself.

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Arizona bill, SB1698, would ban "dressing in clothes other than your assigned gender" while "singing, dancing, and monologuing" in public.

15 year ...jail sentences and sex offender registry.

I sing, dance, and monologue to my kid all the time.

This would criminalize me.


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