Two trans people lovingly resting their faces against each others. The fair skinned person on the left wears a white t-shirt and has short ombre blonde and red hair. The fair-skiiner person on the right has long brown hair and wears a black t-shirt.

T4T Magic

“Our relationship has more room to breathe and grow because the focus isn’t on being trans, but on being ourselves together.”

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A brown hand holds a pride flag against a yellow background.

Pride Guide for Autists

“As an autistic person, Pride events can be massively overwhelming for me…I have some tips to help other autists manage the challenges that come up at Pride.”

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Arizona bill, SB1698, would ban "dressing in clothes other than your assigned gender" while "singing, dancing, and monologuing" in public.

15 year ...jail sentences and sex offender registry.

I sing, dance, and monologue to my kid all the time.

This would criminalize me.


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