‘The Road From Roe’ Transcript: Trans Bodies, Trans Choices

The Road From Roe, a #TransBodiesTransChoices film, is an animated history on the common links between the trans and reproductive justice movements, including an explainer on the extreme right-wing ideology and groups who have been driving the backlash against  bodily autonomy–targeting trans and reproductive rights–across five decades.

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Bodily autonomy is essential for trans people. Against the backdrop of Roe v. Wade being overturned, TransLash Media launched #TransBodiesTransChoices, a storytelling initiative centering the importance of reproductive justice for transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. Through Trans Bodies, Trans Choices, TGNC people use their voices to reveal the personal stake that this community has in critical conversations about control over our bodies. 


Femme, queer and trans bodies have been the site of struggle over freedom in America; since the beginning.

As time has gone on, we have gotten more control, but with the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade… Are we now going backwards?

It’s the summer of 1969. New York City. Police officers enter the Stonewall Inn… roughing up queer and trans people.

Dozens of them, especially those Black and Brown, are arrested because of what they’re choosing to do with their bodies.

And so demands were unleashed for society to decriminalize the choices people make with their own body – whether that’s gender expression or who you love.

At almost the same time, the reproductive rights movement fought court case after court case, culminating in the landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade.

In the years that followed, massive medical advancements were made in science to provide gender-affirming care for trans and non-binary people.

Simultaneously, contraception and abortion became more accessible.

Roe v. Wade, however, also unlocked greater legal control over our bodies, such as the ban on marital rape, which was only fully outlawed in 1993.

So the fight for reproductive and trans rights were leading to more options and greater freedom in a country for those who had been marginalized from the beginning.

In recent decades, however, Christian nationalists have mounted an assault on both the reproductive and LGBTQ+ movements, understanding that these rights are fundamentally linked.

The Right Wing has poured billions of dollars and countless hours into rolling back hard fought progress.

Recently, Christian nationalists have found success in courts and state legislatures across the country. They see greater choice for everybody as the ultimate threat.

And now, with the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, the movement for body autonomy under the law has been set back fifty years.

So how can we ensure that everything that these movements have made possible doesn’t perish?

Please visit translash.org to learn what you can do to protect your life, your body, and those whom you love. 


Directed and Animation by: Valor Aguilar 

Sound Design by: Anton Jiracek

Voice Over by: Imara Jones 

Written by: Imara Jones and Ruby Fludzinski

Produced by: Michelle Chu, Ruby Fludzinski, Taylor Johnston, and Tiler Wilson

Created by: Imara Jones 

Support from: Pop Culture Collab

Digital and Content Strategy by Daniela “Dani” Capistrano

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