TransLash Guide to National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The first National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) took place in 1999, as a grassroots-education effort to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment in communities of Black and BIPOC people. Hashtags: #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether

What we at TransLash believe is that centering the lives, leadership and needs of Black transgender people is the only way to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Key HIV/AIDS Statistics

Black communities have made great progress in reducing HIV. Yet racism, discrimination, and mistrust in the health care system may affect whether Black people of all genders seek or receive HIV prevention services. These issues may also reduce the likelihood of engaging in HIV treatment and care.

  • More than half of Black transgender women are living with HIV.
  • Black people represent 2 out of 5 of all people with HIV in the United States.

These statistics do not live in a vacuum; they represent real lives.

Anti-Black and transphobic systems of oppression create additional barriers for Black trans & TGNC people from getting tested, as well as prevent many Black transgender & TGNC people living with HIV/AIDS from getting the critical care they need.

The good news is that we can end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (2022-2025) prioritizes efforts to reduce disparities and improve HIV outcomes among LGBTQIA men who have sex with men; Black cisgender women; transgender women; youth aged 13–24 years; and people who inject drugs.

Tori Cooper, appointed by President Biden, is the only Black trans woman on the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS which helps guide this strategy.

Together, when we work to overcome structural & transphobic barriers to HIV testingprevention, and treatment and to stop HIV stigma, we help reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequities in Black communities of all genders.

Trans-Affirming HIV/Aids Resources

Follow these Black trans & LGBTQIA-led orgs on Instagram. They provide access to HIV/AIDS testing and antiretroviral therapy, and related lifesaving support services & community outreach for trans people.

  • Baltimore Safe Haven: Baltimore’s only trans-led drop-in wellness center. @bmoresafehaven
  • BEAM (Black Emotional & Mental Health): A movement dedicated to creating a world where there are no barriers to Black healing. @_beamorg
  • Black AIDS Institute: Mission: End HIV in Black communities. @blackaids
  • Brave Space Alliance: Brave Space Alliance is the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center working on the South Side of Chicago. @bravespacealliance
  • Casa Ruby: provides support for LGBTQ+ people D.C. A place to sleep, for food, housing, HIV Prevention & Latinx Services. @casaruby
  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC): HIV/AIDS organization that offers a diverse roster of services for all individuals. @gmhc
  • NY Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG): A Black trans-led non profit that fights for inclusive TGNC policies in NY State, and provides TGNC trainings and events for the community. @nytransadvocacy
  • Solutions NOT Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co.): A Black trans and queer-led org based in Atlanta. @snap4freedom
  • St. James Infirmary: A peer-based occupational health clinic for sex workers. @st.jamesinfirmary
  • TAJA’s Coalition: The Transgender Advocates for Justice and Accountability (TAJAs) Coalition was founded in response to the brutal murder of Taja DeJesus. TAJA’s program activities include Service Connection Workshops, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Training, and Service Linkage (performs weekly check-ins with its enrolled participants). The Coalition has established formal partnerships with the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Services (the largest community housing agency in San Francisco) in order to increase access for trans people and to train their 1000+ housing team. @tajas.coalition
  • TAKE Birmingham: TAKE (Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering) provide supportive services for trans women of color to help improve their quality of life. @take_resourcecenter
  • Thrive SS: Building support networks for people living with HIV across the country. @thrive_ss
  • Trans Housing Coalition: A trans-led and founded organization that helps Atlanta’s chronically homeless trans & GNC population move from the streets into housing. @transhousingcoalition

Federal & Other HIV/AIDS Resources (United States)

  • Use AHEAD to learn how HIV has disproportionately affected Black Americans.
  • POZ Magazine: POZ is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Its website,, has daily HIV/AIDS news, treatment information, forums, blogs, and personals. Follow on Instagram: @pozmagazine
Centering the lives, leadership and needs of Black transgender people is the only way to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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