TransLash Zine Vol. 6 Call for Submissions: Anti-Trans Hate Machine

TransLash Zine wants YOUR creativity! We’re seeking submissions from our TGNC community for Vol. 6: Anti-Trans Hate Machine.

TransLash Zine Vol. 6: Anti-Trans Hate Machine call for submissions


Vol. 6: #AntiTransHateMachine, a collaboration with POC Zine Project, will be released digitally and in print to compliment Season 2 of our Anti-Trans Hate Machine: A Plot Against Equality podcast series. New episodes will drop on March 31, 2023, featuring the stories of people who survived detransition and conversion therapy pressures and abuse. We will also share the stories of trans and gender nonconforming people who chose to detransition for nuanced reasons.

Vol. 6 of TransLash Zine will be released the first week of April 2023 and will feature even more stories, art, and photography by TGNC folks who survived detransitioning and conversion therapy.

At TransLash Media, we pay our contributors based on the budget we have for each edition of TransLash Zine. This year, we are compensating contributors $250-600 per submission, depending on the scale & scope of the piece. This is what we’re looking for to include in Vol. 6:

  • Cover Illustration ($600)
  • 3-5 small interior illustrations ($600)
  • Poetry about detransitioning and/or conversion therapy from a lived experience ($250 each)
  • Original non-fiction writing about detransitioning and/or conversion therapy from a lived experience ($250-$350)
  • Photography by a person who has survived detransitioning and/or conversion therapy, either of other people who share this lived experience, or symbolic photography representing the photographer’s own experience ($350-600)
  • Digitized (or digital-first) works of art: mixed media/collages, portraits, etc. representing the experiences of people who survived detransitioning and/or conversion therapy ($350-600)

Are you a trans and/or gender nonconforming person & ready to submit to TransLash Zine? Complete this form by March 5, 2023, and if your pitch is a fit, Team TransLash will be in contact. We do accept submissions from folks who want to remain anonymous in the zine, but we still need an email address and invoice details to process compensation.


Looking for inspiration for your pitch? Flip through our most recent edition of TransLash Zine: Vol 5. Trans Bodies, Trans Choices:

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