‘WORTHY’ Transcript: Trans Bodies, Trans Choices

‘WORTHY’, a #TransBodiesTransChoices short film, visually depicts a personal poem written by artist Averi Rose, who shares the relationship she has with herself as a Black trans woman.

The film breaks down the negative effects of social conditioning and internalized transphobia on her psyche, and celebrates the transformative power of redefining our individuality. It is a story that celebrates the beauty of expansive, ever-evolving, revolutionary womanhood through a transgender lens.


I remember reflecting in a mirror that didn’t reflect me. 

I used to run in circles around my identity. 

The noise of social conditioning was deafening,

and I felt defeated. 

What purpose would I have if I was no good to myself?

The world was different then, 

and my voice was still developing. 

Acceptance starts from within, 

and courage is like a muscle.

There is no right time to find or redefine your individuality.

Womanhood is precious. 

It’s not limited to one experience or idea. 

Womankind is ever-evolving —revolutionary—

creating space for women like me.

Trans women, black trans women, 

are worthy of all the goodness this world has to offer.  

Our lives have been disproportionately snatched away 

at the hands of insecure men.

Men who would rather silence us than admit their love for us

We deserve love, 

unconditional love, 

and most of all–– we deserve peace.

I am a woman. 

I am a black trans woman.

And I am worthy. 


My name is Averi Rose. I am a model, poet, and an active voice for the trans community. I recently found my voice after reading countless news articles targeting trans youth. I am quite sensitive to the subject of children and their well-being—especially as it pertains to trans children. I struggled with myself growing up. I didn’t have the same courage at their age to fully vocalize my concerns surrounding my identity. I silenced myself out of fear. However, children today are fearless. Their parents are listening and it’s extraordinary to witness. I refuse to remain quiet while the law attempts to silence them. www.averirosepoetry.com


Created by Imara Jones

Direction & Animation by Jay Katara

Written & Performed by Averi Rose

Produced by Ruby Rose Fludzinski & Tiler Wilson

Sound Design by Ruby Rose Fludzinski

Sound Mixing by Anton Jiracek

Digital and Content Strategy by Daniela “Dani” Capistrano

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‘WORTHY’ was originally published in TransLash Zine Vol. 3: Pride Month Edition.

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