TransLash Zine

TransLash Zine is an independent publication by TransLash Media that supports our mission of telling trans stories to save trans lives. We feature uncensored art, writing, and photography by trans/non-binary/intersex/two-spirit/gender non-conforming people, and we pay contributors. Our first two issues were developed and produced by POC Zine Project, and POC Zine Project continues to support our content and partnerships strategy.

Our third issue, a Pride Month Edition partnership with Transgender Law Center, drops June 6th! Print editions of 1-3 coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive alerts.



Interested in an individual or bulk order of TransLash Zine for yourself, school, or organization? Provide some details below and we’ll be in touch. All proceeds help us produce this independent publication, and all sales of TransLash Zine: Pride Month Edition will be split with Transgender Law Center.



.@transgtalent, the transgender owned and operated management & production company, is looking to help Hollywood get better at portraying ... transgender & nonbinary characters on screen with the launch of a new consulting arm. #transtwitter #TransIsBeautiful


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