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Since 2019, TransLash Zine has been an independent publication by TransLash Media that supports our mission of telling trans stories to save trans lives. We feature uncensored art, writing, and photography by trans/non-binary/intersex/two-spirit/gender non-conforming people, and we pay contributors. Our first four issues were developed and produced in collaboration with POC Zine Project, and POC Zine Project continues to support our content and partnerships strategy.

TransLash Zine Vol. 4: ‘Migration Stories’ was released on Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). This special edition celebrates all of our TGNC siblings and their journeys to find community, safety, and love. ‘In the Shadow of the Health-Care City: Historicizing Trans Latinx Immigrant Experiences during the Coronavirus Pandemic’ is shared as a preview in ‘Migration Stories.’ Read the full article here. Read ‘Migration Stories’ for free online and purchase your very own print copy. All proceeds go to paying our contributors for their art, writing, and photography, as well as production costs. Learn more in our FAQ



Exploring migration through a trans lens.


Our first-ever quarterly edition - Pride!


Featuring a trans business directory and more.


Own a copy of our first-ever zine!




Our printing partner Peecho makes ordering worldwide quick and easy, and ships the best possible quality product. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your order, please contact Peecho support and reference your order number:

How can I read and purchase copies of TransLash Zine?

You can read & share the digital editions of our zine anytime for free, right here on this page, as well as on Issuu. To order print editions of our zine, just click the “ORDER PRINT” button beneath each issue in the “ISSUES” section of this page, and our printing & shipping partner Peecho will process your order. 

Why are the print editions of this zine $20 each? That seems like a lot of money for a zine.

The $20 cost for each print edition helps to pay our contributors for their art, writing, and photography. Each person is paid $250+ for their submission. Every issue of our zine costs over $4,000.00 to produce, factoring in all contributor payments and production costs. We want to continue paying our contributors fairly for their labor, so the $20 price point reflects how we value their artistry, and the quality of the zine (matte cover, full color, etc.). For TGNC siblings who want to purchase a print version of one of our zines but can’t afford the $20 price point, please send us a message and we will provide a discount code upon request. 

Is there a discount for bulk orders of TransLash Zine?

Yes. For orders of 5 items or more, the per unit price drops from $20 to $18. For orders of 50 items or more, the per unit price drops to $16. You can see the full range of bulk order discount options on each order page, such as here for ‘Migration Stories

Why didn’t you use a local printer to print and ship your zine? Why Peecho?

Team TransLash needed an order fulfillment solution that was reliable, could ship worldwide, and could receive multiple currencies beyond USD. When a local solution provides an affordable option for us, we will consider switching. Send us your recommendations!

How long will it take to receive my order?

It can take up to 5 working days to manufacture your zine(s). You will receive an email notification from Peecho when the package is ready to be shipped, including an estimate for the delivery time. Depending on the destination worldwide, we expect that your order might take an additional 2-3 weeks to arrive due to supply chain delays related to COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I received my zine and it’s in poor condition, or I don’t like it. Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds except in specific circumstances. Please send us a message (or DM us at @translashmedia) and we will do our best to work with you to resolve the issue.

What if I want to pre-order individual or bulk orders of a future edition of TransLash Zine that hasn’t been released yet?

Please use the pre-order form below on this page to submit your inquiry. Thank you!


Interested in a bulk order of a future edition of TransLash Zine for yourself or your organization? Provide some details below and we’ll be in touch. All proceeds help us produce this independent publication and to pay our trans, non-binary, intersex, and two-spirit contributors. To order multiple copies of #1-4, you don’t need to use this form. Simply click the “BUY NOW” button under each edition and you will be taken to the bulk order options page for that issue. Thank you for supporting TransLash Zine and TGNC creators!



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