TransLash is Hiring: Media Operations and Systems Consultant

TransLash is looking for a Media Operations and Systems consultant to help create a media coordination and operations system for its content areas.

Specifically this software and system will help TransLash manage content creation and scheduling across its different media verticals, in order to ensure efficiency and internal transparency for its work. While each content area manages its own production and coordination timelines, this project would provide a one-stop shop to view all activities in one place. 


This is a ninety-day project.

The consultant will be working with all TransLash team members to discuss needs, come up with a plan, implement the plan and ensure that all members are trained in this new cross-team system. 

TransLash is Diverse and Intersectional 

This is a 1099 Contractor role that could evolve into a longer-term relationship moving forward.

Location:  Remote (any location in the United States, but must be available for real-time Slack/email communication & scheduled calls M-F between the hours of 10AM – 6PM ET).

Ideal Candidate Attributes

  •  Experience in working with historically marginalized communities specifically TGNC who are Black, brown, and neurodivergent, with an emphasis on a people-centered approach to work; 
  • Comfortable with communicating their questions and needs, working capacity, and boundaries;
  • An operational mindset with an eye for bottlenecks surmounted by effective processes;
  • Grounded and friendly;
  • Experience with working and communicating remotely (Google Workspace, Slack, Google Meet);
  • Budget tracking included; and 
  • Budget and financial management savvy skills;

And the ability to:

  • communicate clearly, firmly and diplomatically;
  • be patient;
  • work within a startup culture while building systems;
  • Say and hear “I don’t know,” “I don’t understand” or “I am not able to” without fear of being judged or diminished;
  • teach new skills when required so that people can understand;
  • trust our team and that each member starts from a place of care and good intentions; and
  • laugh and have a good time. 

General Tasks

  • Interview entire TransLash needs to determine media coordination and budget tracking needs;
  • Develop a plan for the appropriate software, training, and implementation of the chosen software;
  • Work with the team to build and use the software for media coordination roles;
  • Final assessment and closeout of the project upon completion; including protocols and how to guide future staff members not included in the initial build out.


  • At least 7 years experience in operations management;
  • Project management background is highly preferred but not required;
  • Media operations experience highly preferred but not required;
  • Deep knowledge of project management software is required; and
  • Outstanding organizational skills.

Fee Structure

$120 per hour with an expectation of approximately 15 hours per week for a ninety-day project.

Application Instructions

Please send a cover letter and resume to by December 1, 2022.

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